Gary Sussman: The Vinyl Years   

  (1974 - 1986)

A tribute to my brother Gary, my favorite guitarist ever. I ripped all of these off his vinyl records (does vinyl suck, or what? - so glad to live in the digital age) for my iPod, and thought I'd share with family & friends. As far as I know, these are all the records he's played on. In Astigafa he was one of three guitarists. In all the other bands, you're hearing his guitar.

Astigafa Single (1974)
The pride of Berkley High. Recorded in Astigafa Studios in Royal Oak, before Royal Oak was cool
1. Wingnuts
2. Oh My Lady

Radio City - 1st Single (1980)
A touch of the new wave at the dawn of the 80's
1. Telephone Ring
2. True Love

Radio City - 2nd Single (1980)
More cool music
1. Rock the nation
2. The Game of Love

Letter O (1982)
The LP on A&M Records
1. Telephone Ring
2. True Love
3. Downtown
4. Let me Know
5. Mona Lisa
6. Rock the Nation
7. Modern Girl
8. Over and Over
9. Sail Away
10. Meet Me At The Door

Live At Hart Plaza (1982)
Live from the Detroit riverfront during WRIF's summer of music
1. Telephone Ring

Dick Coulson & Letter O (1983)
New EP on Polydor Records - three old songs updated and two new ones
1. Rock the Nation
2. Telephone Ring
3. Steady Like you
4. Where's My Angel
5. Downtown

The Giants (1986)
Groovy Christmas songs; proceeds went to Toys for Tots
1. I can't Wait for Christmas
2. Christmas Party

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