Laabs family grandmother - 78.125% Irish; 2.344% Swiss; 0.781% German; 18.75% TBD
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On this day
Margaret Theresa RyanMay 30, 198638Death
Eva Elizabeth “Elva” ZollinMay 30, 197648Death
Erma EagenMay 30, 193391Birth
Edna G. FitzpatrickMay 30, 192896Death
Mary Therese PayetteMay 30, 192797Birth
Anna D. HousmanMay 30, 1920104Death
Arthur Leslie ShoupMay 30, 1886138Birth
Arvine ShoupMay 30, 1886138Birth
John W. CacklerMay 30, 1870154Birth
Ruth Paden EarlywineMay 30, 1867157Death
Angelique LaLondeMay 30, 1826198Death
Hans George HartzelMay 30, 1686338Birth
Joseph SmallMay 30, 1676348Death
John Henry Chesebro + Grace G. MillerMay 30, 1919105Marriage
Upcoming events
Loretta Pearl DavidsonMay 31, 193094Burial
Donald M. WestMay 31, 1913111Birth
Mary Eleanor “Nellie” PhillipsMay 31, 1907117Death
Felice Elizabeth MontreuilMay 31, 1899125Death
Samuel EasleyMay 31, 1839185Birth
Caroline G. CacklerMay 31, 1826198Birth
Jacques CampeauMay 31, 1677347Birth
Carl Friedrich SopherMay 31, 1586438Birth
John Thomas Casselman + Marie May 31, 1818206Marriage
Carl Friedrich Sopher + Ottilia DietrichMay 31, 1586438Marriage
George HolmanJune 198638Death
Richard Ike NiemanJune 198440Death
Ruth Ester ReynoldsJune 198044Death
Maggie BellJune 197747Death
Dewey MearsJune 197450Death
George FranklinJune 196757Death
Edwin W. FechtJune 196361Death
Effie HumphreyJune 1898126Birth
Ethel G. ShasteenJune 1891133Birth
Henry Clinton CacklerJune 1890134Birth
Marion SchwartzJune 1889135Birth
Guy M. VanMarterJune 1887137Birth
Della R. ShasteenJune 1884140Birth
Alfred E. FechtJune 1883141Birth
Hannah JonesJune 1882142Birth
Blanche June 1881143Birth
Katherine GranvilleJune 1881143Birth
John Joseph HartneyJune 1877147Birth
Emma L. WitteJune 1871153Birth
Eva (Elizabeth) Lib ChasteenJune 1870154Birth
Melvin C. ShoupJune 1865159Birth
Lucetta LilleyJune 1859165Birth
Delilah KindallJune 1857167Birth
Helen FechtJune 1847177Birth
Felicity CesireJune 1809215Death
Lydia BuxtonJune 1708316Death
Louis GuertinJune 1625399Birth
Frank CopelandJune 1, 193985Death
Donald Harry ErdmanJune 1, 192896Birth
Frederick Luther Williams jr.June 1, 1921103Birth
Albert Joseph GatesJune 1, 1907117Birth
Freda Adela DickJune 1, 1901123Birth
Emma Pearl ShasteenJune 1, 1885139Birth
Dora C. CacklerJune 1, 1873151Birth
Johannes Friedrich Wilhelm LaabsJune 1, 1873151Baptism
Sarah ShoupJune 1, 1798226Birth
Abiel PackardJune 1, 1774250Death
Maggie HumphreyJune 2, 199034Death
Floyd Marshall BeaverJune 2, 198935Death
Ernest Joseph GerberJune 2, 195470Death
Edward ShoupJune 2, 195371Death
Ray Maynard ShasteenJune 2, 194480Birth
Adelaide DequindreJune 2, 1862162Death
Robert Nelson “Cotton” ShasteenJune 2, 1858166Birth
Frances Elizabeth PletcherJune 2, 1850174Birth
Robert Sussmann + Augusta Victoria FechtJune 2, 1880144Marriage
Jean-Baptiste Bonin + Marie-Jeanne HubertJune 2, 1766258Marriage
Ray Maynard ShasteenJune 3, 194480Death
Ray Maynard ShasteenJune 3, 194480Burial
Sarah Louisa VanMarterJune 3, 194183Death
Robert Clayton ReynoldsJune 3, 1891133Birth
Hugh FitzpatrickJune 3, 1878146Death
Margaret “Maggie” GaffneyJune 3, 1873151Birth
Perry CacklerJune 3, 1867157Birth
Nancy Jane ShasteenJune 3, 1839185Birth
Elizabeth A. BeachJune 3, 1835189Birth
Elizabeth Regina BehringerJune 3, 1806218Birth
Joseph AmielJune 3, 1719305Birth
John W. Allin + Annie Florence CasselmanJune 3, 1905119Marriage
Ruby Ethel “Betty” TitsworthJune 4, 200618Death
Theodore Slager YatesJune 4, 196757Death
Edwin John Howell, jrJune 4, 194678Death
Richard Robert PutnamJune 4, 194579Birth
Dorothy Emma HowellJune 4, 1919105Birth
Virginia Jane DuguidJune 4, 1919105Birth
Margaret Theresa RyanJune 4, 1911113Birth
William James LeddyJune 4, 1902122Birth
Mary Iva “Ivy” ShasteenJune 4, 1870154Birth
Florence Jane VanMarterJune 4, 1865159Birth
Samuel FitzpatrickJune 4, 1809215Birth
Charles Even Longley + Johanna GranvilleJune 4, 1904120Marriage
Joseph Warner + Elizabeth E. AllenJune 4, 1722302Marriage
Julie Michelle SimpsonJune 5, 20204Death
Florence MarsackJune 5, 1916108Birth
Clarence R BakerJune 5, 1884140Birth
Cora E. EagenJune 5, 1876148Birth
Nancy E. MinearJune 5, 1845179Birth
Henry ChapotonJune 5, 1790234Birth
Catherine CacklerJune 5, 1787237Birth
John PriceJune 5, 1749275Birth
Joseph LukasikJune 6, 200420Death
Mary Elizabeth ReynoldsJune 6, 200321Death
Lisa Marie HaanJune 6, 196262Birth
Charles Willis ChapmanJune 6, 193193Death
Hugh Leonard GallingerJune 6, 1899125Birth
Jane VanMarterJune 6, 1867157Birth
Eliza Jane FineganJune 6, 1865159Birth
Albanus GaertnerJune 6, 1803221Death
William AllenJune 6, 1678346Death
Max Alfred Albert Laabs + Nellie Ethel HughesJune 6, 1908116Marriage
Jethro Hoffman + Julia BroadwellJune 6, 1867157Marriage
Hugh Fitzpatrick + Catherine Margaret Hartle GrantJune 6, 1848176Marriage
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