Laabs family grandmother - 78.125% Irish; 2.344% Swiss; 0.781% German; 18.75% TBD
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On this day
Emma Jane ShasteenAugust 8, 195169Death
Robert L. BurnsAugust 8, 192694Birth
Harriette Augusta ShasteenAugust 8, 192496Death
Lendora M. CacklerAugust 8, 1920100Birth
Margaret Elizabeth WoodwardAugust 8, 1882138Birth
Clara Jane WoodAugust 8, 1869151Birth
John Oren VanMarterAugust 8, 1869151Birth
William Findley ShasteenAugust 8, 1860160Birth
John PriceAugust 8, 1810210Birth
Antoine DequindreAugust 8, 1809211Birth
Marie ArchambaultAugust 8, 1685335Death
Jean Martin + Theresa HenaultAugust 8, 1723297Marriage
Upcoming events
Mary Rhodina TrainAugust 9, 193189Death
Charles J. ShasteenAugust 9, 1892128Birth
Patrick Allen McDonaldAugust 10, 196852Birth
Velma Clara WeilenbeckAugust 10, 196852Death
Lucinda “Lucy” EagenAugust 10, 195565Death
Reubin G. SumerlinAugust 10, 193387Death
Dorothy Ruth SussmanAugust 10, 192298Birth
Nelson “Net” ShoupAugust 10, 1867153Birth
Julia Ann CacklerAugust 10, 1830190Birth
Marie PinetAugust 10, 1624396Birth
Christian C. Cackler jr. + Theresa NighmanAugust 10, 1814206Marriage
Harold BerryAugust 11, 200119Death
Michelle Marie WellsAugust 11, 196951Birth
Alvin Morgan UpperAugust 11, 194377Death
Elsie Mae BrownAugust 11, 194278Death
Levi CaldwellAugust 11, 1892128Death
Grace Estella EasleyAugust 11, 1886134Birth
Ruth A. CacklerAugust 11, 1866154Death
Margarite GreenardAugust 11, 1832188Birth
Sarah CoverAugust 11, 1821199Birth
William Fitzpatrick jr.August 11, 1818202Birth
Marguerite CaronAugust 11, 1664356Birth
Charles Ernest “Chuck” GibsonAugust 12, 20164Death
Edna Anna McCollisterAugust 12, 196852Death
Philip R. ShoupAugust 12, 193288Birth
Nancy Lee SharpAugust 12, 1919101Birth
Earl Edward FergusonAugust 12, 1904116Birth
William A. HartneyAugust 12, 1903117Birth
Mary E. “Polly” CacklerAugust 12, 1783237Birth
Adam DiehlAugust 12, 1743277Birth
Jean DeniauAugust 12, 1695325Death
Helene DodinAugust 12, 1695325Death
John Loney + Mary MacDonaldAugust 12, 1822198Marriage
Joseph Earl EagenAugust 13, 199327Death
Goldie Marie DayhuffAugust 13, 197347Death
Jacob ShoupAugust 13, 1881139Death
Henry ShoupAugust 13, 1794226Birth
Jean GagnonAugust 13, 1610410Birth
Frank WhippleAugust 14, 197050Death
Arminda May “Lizzie” DohertyAugust 14, 1915105Death
Eleanor O. RyanAugust 14, 1811209Birth
Madeleine PaviotAugust 14, 1750270Death
John Lever Fetterley + Minah Alice CasselmanAugust 14, 1876144Marriage
James Beaver + Nancy ShasteenAugust 14, 1842178Marriage
Daniel William SturdevantAugust 15, 20155Death
Maria Walburga WurthAugust 15, 1906114Death
John LeahyAugust 15, 1898122Death
Lucinda Marillis (Chrildia) WymerAugust 15, 1851169Birth
Catherine Nancy Ann FitzpatrickAugust 15, 1806214Birth
Wilhelmina CasselmanAugust 15, 1798222Birth
Catherine SaintardAugust 15, 1701319Death
Jean-Francoise PelletierAugust 15, 1691329Birth
Jacques Godet dit Marentette + Louise Mary BeaudryAugust 15, 1743277Marriage
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