Laabs family grandmother - 78.125% Irish; 2.344% Swiss; 0.781% German; 18.75% TBD
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On this day
Joyce December 199924Death
Elenora Freida “Eleo” LaabsDecember 198637Death
Bessie Irene ShasteenDecember 197845Death
Irma Louise WestlingDecember 196954Death
Jospeh C. PlessingerDecember 194479Death
Claude Roy CannDecember 1893130Birth
Lillie M. ShoupDecember 1889134Birth
Ruth Augusta BallinDecember 1887136Birth
Charles A. BraunDecember 1885138Birth
Iola P. ShasteenDecember 1885138Birth
Onamie (Mamie) ShasteenDecember 1883140Birth
Lillie Mae ShasteenDecember 1879144Birth
Eunice FryDecember 1879144Death
Carrie A. StineDecember 1874149Birth
Isaac SchwartzDecember 1874149Birth
Mary E. December 1871152Death
Eugene F. KohlerDecember 1869154Birth
John F. HendricksDecember 1864159Death
Clement GladfelterDecember 1858165Birth
William Shasteenafter December 1840183Death
Joseph SturgeonDecember 1823200Birth
Margaret RossDecember 1807216Birth
Peter DickDecember 1790233Birth
Angelica CampeauDecember 1767256Death
Antoine Juillet MontreuilDecember 1714309Birth
John GatewoodDecember 1706317Death
Louis GuertinDecember 1687336Death
Ottila SimonDecember 1647376Birth
Clara StollardDecemberDeath
Robert James LohrstorferDecember 1, 201013Death
Erma EagenDecember 1, 200914Death
John Vance WhitehouseDecember 1, 199132Death
Dorothy Leona ConnersDecember 1, 1915108Birth
Elmer D. Van NessDecember 1, 1860163Birth
Jacques Campeau + Jeanne Cecile CatinDecember 1, 1699324Marriage
Upcoming events
Charles Jay ShasteenDecember 2, 196855Death
Roy VanMarterDecember 2, 194875Death
William LeddyDecember 2, 1902121Death
Katherine Irene LeahyDecember 2, 1894129Birth
Emma LaForgeDecember 2, 1886137Birth
Martha Jane SlagerDecember 2, 1872151Death
Ezekiel L. JonesDecember 2, 1859164Death
James Madison ShasteenDecember 2, 1824199Birth
Marie Madeline FortierDecember 2, 1702321Death
Guillaume GeffrayDecember 2, 1581442Death
Isaac Alden + Mehitable AllenDecember 2, 1685338Marriage
Charles Edgar DiltsDecember 3, 195073Death
Carl WeilenbeckDecember 3, 194677Birth
Jane VanMarterDecember 3, 194380Death
Robert EasleyDecember 3, 1905118Birth
John JamesDecember 3, 1825198Birth
David PackardDecember 3, 1755268Death
Anna Catherine Elizabeth DiehlDecember 3, 1752271Birth
Johann Nicholas SimonDecember 3, 1677346Birth
Loretta E. MoweryDecember 4, 1920103Death
Myrtle Lucille DickDecember 4, 1903120Birth
Oda O. ShasteenDecember 4, 1898125Birth
George D. ArledgeDecember 4, 1896127Birth
Grace L. IckesDecember 4, 1895128Birth
Esther SimonDecember 4, 1868155Death
McClellan K. “Mack” ShoupDecember 4, 1865158Birth
Archange CampeauDecember 4, 1821202Burial
Francois Xavier BrindamourDecember 4, 1807216Birth
Genevieve GandinDecember 4, 1726297Death
Andrew Jackson Shasteen + Lucinda Marillis (Chrildia) WymerDecember 4, 1878145Marriage
Charles Juillet + Catherine SaintardDecember 4, 1679344Marriage
Della Mae CacklerDecember 5, 200419Death
Patrick Allen McDonaldDecember 5, 200023Death
Cora Ellen FeltonDecember 5, 197746Death
Clifton D. ShoupDecember 5, 196459Death
Lillian May PattersonDecember 5, 196360Death
Paul CooperDecember 5, 193984Death
Ira WhippleDecember 5, 192499Death
Delbert Edward ChesebroDecember 5, 1923100Birth
Albert BrownDecember 5, 1906117Birth
Andre AllardDecember 5, 1735288Death
Henry Dyer Fitzpatrick + Isabella J. GillieDecember 5, 1888135Marriage
Elbert GallingerDecember 6, 195667Death
William “SAW” Franklin ShasteenDecember 6, 194083Death
Donald L. LutzDecember 6, 1920103Birth
Oliver C. PriceDecember 6, 1918105Death
Levi GladfelterDecember 6, 1895128Death
Baby ShasteenDecember 6, 1836187Birth
Maria CasselmanDecember 6, 1808215Birth
Catherine GuichelinDecember 6, 1733290Death
Marie-Anne DeveauDecember 6, 1687336Death
Pierre MeunierDecember 6, 1676347Birth
Francoise PelletierDecember 6, 1663360Birth
Donald Ray ChapmanDecember 7, 199924Death
Viola M. ArledgeDecember 7, 199825Death
Ann Katherine DuguidDecember 7, 199033Death
Mildred Catherin UpperDecember 7, 198637Death
Clarence Aaron RameyDecember 7, 197548Death
Kervyn MorrisonDecember 7, 197053Death
Nancy Lee MentierDecember 7, 196558Death
Fern Elizabeth StrubleDecember 7, 194677Death
Donald Ray ChapmanDecember 7, 193489Birth
Mitzi Paulina NallDecember 7, 1919104Birth
Lewis Edwin ShasteenDecember 7, 1900123Birth
Amy M. EagenDecember 7, 1878145Birth
Sara Elizabeth ShasteenDecember 7, 1837186Birth
Joseph Charles Godet dit MarentetteDecember 7, 1818205Burial
Margaret “Peggy” CacklerDecember 7, 1780243Birth
Carolina Sophia MuellerDecember 7, 1738285Birth
Mehitable RichardsDecember 7, 1712311Birth
Bruce Christie ShasteenDecember 8, 199825Death
Emil Joseph CharronDecember 8, 199528Death
James Harry ChasteenDecember 8, 197350Death
Hazel Marie ShasteenDecember 8, 194578Death
Lola Mae KingDecember 8, 1916107Birth
Peter DickDecember 8, 1845178Death
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