Laabs family grandmother - 78.125% Irish; 2.344% Swiss; 0.781% German; 18.75% TBD
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On this day
Mildred E. GouldOctober 27, 200119Death
Hazel Marie ShasteenOctober 27, 1899121Birth
Mary Anne Frances McDougallOctober 27, 1898122Death
Nancy Jane ButlerOctober 27, 1878142Death
Robert WeilenbeckOctober 27, 1878142Birth
Elizabeth WiggintonOctober 27, 1874146Birth
Thomas JamesOctober 27, 1863157Birth
Peter R. BirchOctober 27, 1846174Birth
Maria Elisabeth HermannOctober 27, 1744276Death
Israel Jones + Amanda Jane ThomasOctober 27, 1870150Marriage
Upcoming events
Suzanne Mary “Sue” LeddyOctober 28, 20155Death
Leonard Albert ShoupOctober 28, 198535Death
Mary Jean Cantrel (wife 1)October 28, 192595Birth
Adelina Daisy IckesOctober 28, 1914106Death
Edward Lee GibsonOctober 28, 1897123Birth
Charles Dennis BennettOctober 28, 1884136Birth
Donald Martin PayetteOctober 29, 199921Death
Lisa Renee AndrewsOctober 29, 196951Birth
Gale Lee ChapmanOctober 29, 196159Death
Suzanne Margaret V. ShoupOctober 29, 193585Death
Floyd Marshall BeaverOctober 29, 1894126Birth
Dirck Jansen VanZutphinOctober 29, 1707313Death
Daniel Laabs + Caroline Friederike GruelOctober 29, 1841179Marriage
Homer Oliver ShoupOctober 30, 197050Death
Roy Brandon WallsOctober 30, 195763Death
Sylvester Lyner VanMarterOctober 30, 193783Death
John Milton JonesOctober 30, 193585Death
Harris William ShasteenOctober 30, 192496Birth
Willard N. MatthewsOctober 30, 192496Birth
George B. ShoupOctober 30, 1910110Birth
Lulu Roena EasleyOctober 30, 1874146Birth
Adam DiehlOctober 30, 1830190Death
John Thomas CasselmanOctober 30, 1793227Birth
Sarah PartridgeOctober 30, 1717303Death
Margueritte Agnes “Dolly” BurnsOctober 31, 198832Death
Margueritte Agnes BurnsOctober 31, 198832Death
John Lester VanMarterOctober 31, 1894126Death
Mary J. Van KirkOctober 31, 1862158Birth
William FitzpatrickOctober 31, 1854166Death
Esther ShasteenNovember 198535Death
Arlene B. ShasteenNovember 197941Death
Grant K. SmithNovember 197149Death
Della R. ShasteenNovember 197149Death
Robert WeilenbeckNovember 196357Death
Earl Edward FergusonNovember 195862Death
Mary Elizabeth BurnsNovember 1905115Death
William BurnsNovember 1905115Death
Raymond Wayne “John Wayne” CacklerNovember 1895125Birth
Helen M. FechtNovember 1894126Birth
Grace Agnes JonesNovember 1892128Birth
Laura F. CacklerNovember 1891129Birth
Blanch ShoupNovember 1889131Birth
Clarence CacklerNovember 1888132Birth
Isabel Blair HarberNovember 1884136Birth
Lydia Emma ShasteenNovember 1873147Birth
Harley J. ChasteenNovember 1872148Birth
William Harold PackardNovember 1872148Birth
Thomas H. LevittNovember 1869151Birth
Hermon CasselmanNovember 1868152Birth
Etta ShoupNovember 1867153Birth
Sophia LaForgeNovember 1864156Birth
Daniel MurrayNovember 1859161Birth
Valeska KohlerNovember 1858162Birth
Mary E. November 1858162Birth
Nelson Johnson ShoupNovember 1858162Birth
Isabelle Jane AlterNovember 1853167Birth
James C. ShasteenNovember 1834186Birth
Catherine November 1829191Birth
Nicholas CampeauNovember 1737283Death
Maria Catherina SimonNovember 1672348Birth
Johann Adam SimonNovember 1666354Birth
Michael ZahnerNovember 1638382Death
Rosina November 1635385Death
Cordula HaerlinNovember 1553467Birth
Dorothy Emma HowellNovember 1, 20119Death
Harvey AldredNovember 1, 199426Death
Glenn C. DickNovember 1, 197842Death
Bessie Ruth JonesNovember 1, 197545Death
Thomas GranvilleNovember 1, 193090Death
Mary E. CacklerNovember 1, 1873147Birth
Leonard EagenNovember 1, 1864156Birth
James Alexander ChasteenNovember 1, 1841179Birth
Henry Louis Whitten + Elizabeth Mary CliftonNovember 1, 1857163Marriage
Daniel Frederick Sprenger + Juliane Margareth EttlingerNovember 1, 1730290Marriage
Francois Allard + Marie-Jeanne LanguilleNovember 1, 1671349Marriage
Suzanne Mary “Sue” LeddyNovember 2, 20155Burial
Robert Edgar “Bob” SussmanNovember 2, 20155Burial
Loren F. EagenNovember 2, 200911Death
Erma L. EagenNovember 2, 194377Death
Phyllis Eleanor CozadNovember 2, 192793Birth
Robert Stanley WalinskiNovember 2, 192496Birth
Michael Sidney “Sid” LuftNovember 2, 1915105Birth
Dale William HartneyNovember 2, 1903117Birth
Beatrice K. KohlerNovember 2, 1872148Birth
Annie M. BeetonNovember 2, 1861159Birth
John Peter CacklerNovember 2, 1846174Death
Johann Peter SimonNovember 2, 1645375Birth
Vett Dick jrNovember 3, 1909111Birth
Leo Henry BracelenNovember 3, 1903117Birth
Thora Inez PaulyNovember 3, 1891129Birth
Ernest L. KellerNovember 3, 1884136Death
Larkin Edward ChapmanNovember 3, 1861159Birth
David PackardNovember 3, 1785235Death
Anna Margaretha SaltzmanNovember 3, 1718302Birth
William H. “The Governor” Fridley + Emma L. WitteNovember 3, 1917103Marriage
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